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Child Visa (Subclass 802 – Onshore)

This visa allows a child to stay in Australia permanently and live with their parents.

Child Visa 802 Subclass

Child Visa (Subclass 802): Eligibility and Application

Dependency Criteria:

  • The child must be dependent on a parent who is an:
    • Australian citizen
    • Eligible New Zealand citizen
    • Australian permanent visa holder
  • Eligible relationships include biological children, adopted children, or stepchildren (only from a former parent).
  • Stepparents currently married or in a de facto relationship with the child’s biological or adopted parent do not meet the dependency requirement.

Adopted Children:

  • To be eligible for this visa, the adoption must have been finalized before the child turned 18.
  • The adoption can have happened either before or after the parent became an Australian citizen, Australian permanent visa holder, or eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Conditions for adoption:
    • Through intercountry adoption with Australian state or territory central authority involvement.
    • Through intercountry adoption between two countries (other than Australia) parties to the Hague Adoption Convention.
    • If no Australian central authority involvement, through expatriate adoption by an Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizen, or Australian permanent visa holder residing outside Australia for more than 12 months before finalization.


  • Eligible stepchildren must be under 18 and the child of their step-parent’s former partner.
  • The step-parent must have either:
    • An Australian parenting order in force.
    • Guardianship or custody of the child under Australian or foreign law.

Age and Disability Criteria:

  • The child must be either:
    • Under 18 years old
    • Over 18 and under 25 years and studying full time
    • Over 18 years with a disability

Study Requirements for Children Over 18:

  • Must be a full-time student when applying and when the visa application is decided.
  • Cannot work full time.
  • Must be financially dependent on their parent more than any other person.
  • Full-time student criteria include enrollment in a course leading to a professional, trade, or vocational qualification, attending classes, and starting study within 6 months (or a reasonable time) of finishing school.

Marital and Relationship Status:

  • The child must not be or have been married, engaged, or in a de facto relationship.

Health, Character, Debt, and Values:

  • Meet health and character requirements.
  • Clear any debts to the Australian Government.
  • Sign the Australian values statement.
  • Consent to migrate to Australia.

Privileges of the Visa:

  • Indefinite stay in Australia.
  • Work and study rights.
  • Enrolment in Australia’s Medicare.
  • Sponsorship rights for family members.
  • Eligibility for Australian citizenship, if applicable.

Travel Validity:

  • Unlimited travel to and from Australia for 5 years from the date of visa grant.
  • Renewal beyond the initial 5-year period requires a Resident Return Visa (RRV).

Duration of Stay:

  • Permanent residency upon entry or visa grant.

Including Other Children:

  • If the child has siblings applying, submit separate applications.
  • Dependent children can be included when applying or before a decision.


Visa cost: AUD3,055.00 for the main applicant.
Additional charges for dependent children applying.

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The details presented here are intended for general comprehension and do not constitute legal advice. It is advisable to verify the latest information with the Department of Home Affairs at Child Visa (Subclass 802 – Onshore)


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Please note that the pricing for these packages is determined on a profile-to-profile basis.


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