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Skilled Independent Visa (SUBCLASS 189)

Are you an internationally qualified worker with sought-after skills crucial to the Australian economy? If you aspire to obtain permanent residency in the beautiful land down under, the Skilled Independent Visas offer the perfect opportunity.

Apply for Skilled Independent Visas with immigration agents and seize the chance to work and become a permanent resident in Australia. Get connected with the best migration agents on Migrova platform. 

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Why Skilled Independent 189 Visa?

The Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) operates on a points-based system, strategically selecting highly skilled individuals from overseas to meet specific needs across various states in Australia.

  • Independent Residency
  • Employment Flexibility
  • No State Nomination Required
  • Access to Medicare
  • Path to Permanent Residency

Expression of Interest (EOI) and Visa Eligibility

To secure an invitation from the immigration department for visa application, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and score a minimum of 65 points. Points are allocated based on various factors, including:

  • Age
  • Education Qualification (Diploma / Degree / PhD)
  • Level of English
  • Work Experience
  • Single / Partner Skills
  • NAATI Accreditation
  • Professional Year
visa 189

Additional Points for Australian Qualification

Completing a degree, diploma, or trade qualification at an Australian educational institution can earn you an extra five points in your EOI, subject to specific criteria.

General Eligibility Criteria: To qualify for this visa, you must:

  • Be under 45 years of age (visa age limit)
  • Nominate an occupation from the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)
  • Demonstrate proficiency in at least Competent English
  • Have your skills assessed by the relevant assessing authority
  • Attain the specified score in your visa application
  • Meet health and character requirements

Health & Character Requirements: You and all family members must:

  • Apply for the visa within 12 months of undergoing medical examinations
  • Provide police certificates from each country lived in for 12 months in the last ten years (after turning 16)

Evidence of English Language Ability: Demonstrate competent English through minimum scores in tests such as PTE, IELTS, TOFEL iBT, OET, or CAE.

Debts to the Australian Government: Clear any outstanding debts to the Australian Government before the visa is granted.

Eligible Family Members: Include the following family members in your visa application:

  • Your Partner or spouse
  • Your or your partner’s child/step-child

Feeling overwhelmed by the visa requirements or have concerns about the Expression of Interest? No worries – our team of MARA professionals is here to assist you in ensuring everything is in order.

Skilled Independent 189 Visa is Based on 3 Streams

Points tested stream: This visa provides an opportunity for skilled individuals, who have received invitations, to establish permanent residence and work across all regions of Australia.

  •         A notable feature is that there is no requirement for a sponsor or nominator.

  •         Eligibility for application is contingent upon receiving an invitation.

  •         Applicants must be below 45 years of age to be considered.

Stay:  Permanent residence

Cost: From AUD4,640.00

New Zealand stream: The Skilled Independent (subclass 189) (New Zealand stream) visa permanently closed to new applications on 1 July 2023.

Hong Kong streamThis visa allows Hong Kong or British National (Overseas) passport holders, demonstrating a commitment to Australia, to live and work permanently in the country.

  • Hold a Hong Kong or British National (Overseas) passport

  • Fulfill specific visa requirements

  • Satisfy designated residence criteria

Stay:  Permanent residence

Cost: From AUD4,640.00

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The details presented here are intended for general comprehension and do not constitute legal advice. It is advisable to verify the latest information with the Department of Home Affairs at Skill Independent Visa 189


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Please note that the pricing for these packages is determined on a profile-to-profile basis.


Please note that the pricing for these packages is determined on a profile-to-profile basis.


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